Selling Your Gold and Silver? Here is a Guide to Help You

As an investor, you understand that how you sell a product is almost as important as how you buy it. If you have gold, silver, platinum, or other precious metals that you would like to sell, it is crucial to ensure you are selling to a reputable buyer. Whatever the reason for selling is, make sure you make a worthy transaction, and get the cash worth your gold jewelry. We recommend selling your gold to They have competitive prices and ensure you get the money worth the value of your gold or silver. It is crucial to know how to sell your precious metals, and this article has your back. We have created a guide to help sell your gold or silver without being deceived.

Find a Reputable Buyer

The first step to selling your gold or silver jewelry is finding a good buyer. This means finding a trustworthy buyer since the industry has many unscrupulous dealers. Get a well-reputed buyer with reasonable prices depending on the current market rates. Ensure the buyer has ample knowledge of types of gold or silver and has experience in buying and selling gold.

Know the Type of Metal You are Selling

Before putting your gold coins or silver jewelry in your bag and heading out to sell, first know the type of metal accepted in the market. Buyers like Crown Gold Exchange will need to know the type of metal you want to sell. They will ask if you are selling coins, bars, jewelry, or Bullion. Therefore, be clear on what you are selling. You can also follow this link to know how to buy gold or silver.

Choose Where to Sell

Another thing you should consider is where you will sell your gold or silver. Here are popular places you can sell.

Coin Shops. You can easily sell your jewelry at a coin shop. When selling to the shop, make sure it has fair prices. The good thing about local coin shops is that they pay instantly. The prices are fair, and you can sell your jewelry or coins conveniently without having to wait for a long time to get paid. Make sure you scrutinize several dealers for the best offers before settling with a shop.

Auctions. Selling your gold or silver through auctioning also gives you opportunities for higher prices. Auctioning can either be in person or online. It can also be locally or nationally. Just be careful when auctioning since you could sell less than the value of your jewelry or coins.

Coin Shows. These are other excellent places you can sell. The gold or silver will be assessed by several dealers and this gives you a chance to get a higher price. However, it may not be easy to get a coin show. Therefore, this may not be a good option if you want to sell your silver or gold quickly. How you sell your jewelry will depend on who has attended the show and how you communicate with them.

Consider the Method of Payment

The main question you may have might be how you will get the money after selling your silver or gold. This question depends on the urgency of the money. However, some places like Crown Gold Exchange pay you immediately. Therefore, before you sell your valuables, know the payment method that will be used to pay you. Remember, the urgency of your money will also dictate the buyer to pick since some payment methods take longer than others.


When selling your gold, silver, platinum, or coins, make sure the process is fair and convenient, and you get competitive prices. The above guide will help you make the right decision and get the best deal.

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