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Should People Be Afraid of Bitcoin Regulation?

The media has been dominated by the news surrounding Bitcoin regulation for months and, just like in 2018, market valuations are once again under pressure. Since governments around the world view decentralized money as a threat to financial security, investors and traders are afraid potential laws might dampen future adoption. 

However, Bitcoin regulation is a very complex topic and it will require global coordination to keep its ascendency in check. Recently, the USA’s Securities and Exchange Commission chair said that unregulated crypto markets will not end well, which is why a closer look at this subject is now required. 

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Global Bitcoin regulation

Countries raising the pressure on Bitcoin

After reaching an aggregate market capitalization of over $2 trillion for the first time in history, the cryptocurrency market turned out to be a growing problem for global regulators. As the largest and most traded token, Bitcoin remains in the spotlight. So far, the news is not encouraging, especially when it comes to countries like China, which have increased the pressure to clamp down on any activity involving BTC or other tokens. 

Bitcoin regulation – different around the world

Despite that, not all nations view crypto regulation as a threat. Japan views Bitcoin as a payment system since 2017 and El Salvador has recently enacted a law making BTC legal tender inside the country. Although there might be areas where crypto might be banned via harsh regulation, it is hard to imagine that will be a global picture. 

As long as some countries have an inclusive approach, the wider public can still benefit from Bitcoin and the features brought along by blockchain technology. Still, since regulation turns out to be a factor influencing the Bitcoin price, the volatility resulting from it can be used positively.

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How regulatory fears can work on the public’s behalf?

The emergence of cryptocurrency trading services represents a life-saving chance for people who don’t want to have an upside bias. Thanks to brands like Coinrise, traders can take advantage of both bullish and bearish conditions, depending on how the market structure changes. 

When accessing crypto markets with Coinrise, traders can unlock the full potential of crypto, using a tailored platform, flexible margin requirements, fast trade execution, and risk management tools. Opening an account is simple and making an initial deposit is affordable. Coinrise will suit the right strategy for you since it offers a variety of educational resources, including customized features like a 1-on-1 education course and access to a premium trading room. 

Aware that not all people joining its ranks are familiarized with Bitcoin or crypto in general, Coinrise did a lot of work on ensuring anyone can learn the basics and develop an efficient trading methodology, depending on personal goals, risk aversion, and capital available. 

Bitcoin regulation will remain a key issue, especially if its price continues to rise. At the same time, this will equal elevated volatility and numerous potential trading opportunities. People should be prepared by using providers with well-suited trading services.

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