5 Series That Were Cancelled By Netflix

After getting home from a hectic workday, the only way to rejuvenate is to enjoy a warm meal while streaming your favorite show on Netflix. Therefore, it is only fair when most people feel emotionally attached to their favorite shows, pick up fashion tips from their favorite characters, and quote dialogues from their favorite scenes.

However, Netflix shows no mercy when it comes to pulling the plug on shows that do not generate enough financially. Social media campaigns, hashtags, complaining on personal accounts of the streaming site, or bombarding the writers in the comment section nothing works. As Netflix has entered its financial crunch time amidst the ongoing recession, it seems that Netflix is doing nothing to wash up its reputation. 

Due to this cancellation lineup, more people are learning to not be attached to their favorite shows on one streaming site. Viewers opt to invest in multiple streaming sites so; they can focus on content and not streaming sites. However, investing in multiple subscriptions takes a toll on their budget. To resolve this issue, most users are making the smart choice of switching to good Cable TV providers like Astound Broadband powered by RCN. With more than 302 channels in the RCN channel lineup, in-built streaming sites, and on-demand title streaming, there is no need to invest in multiple streaming sites simultaneously. 

5 Series That Were Cancelled By Netflix

Although Netflix has always been very ruthless while canceling shows, however, a few shows left the viewers speechless.

Here are the top five shows that were canceled by Netflix recently: 

  • GirlBoss

Release:  April 21, 2017

Lifetime: 1 Season 

Runtime:  26 min

Genre:   Comedy, Biopic, Drama 

Synopsis: A young broke, but enthusiastic girl with a knack for shopping finds a way to earn money by selling vintage clothes online, making her one of the prominent names in the online shopping industry. 

The show, before its release, gathered a lot of audience. More people were looking forwards to the show in general, because either they had purchased things via Nasty Gal, or they had read the book it was based on. 

However, soon after its release, it received a lot of criticism. More people thought it was a very shallow depiction, and the protagonist of the show was rude and self-obsessed, which was contradictory to the GirlBoss attitude they were expecting. To address the issue, Sophia Amoruso took to Instagram, and explained that the show will be canceled because it was hard to continue the role without any development. 

  • Sense 8

Release:  June 5, 2015

Lifetime: 2 seasons 

Runtime:  1 hour 

Genre:  Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama 

Synopsis: Eight strangers from around the globe share the same sensations that bind them in a brotherly fashion, offering them a connection that they never shared even with their own family. 

Sense8 was known to be one of the best shows on Netflix. The show was getting the necessary hype needed for any show to flourish. The best thing about the show was that there was no loophole, the cinematography was so perfect and until this day, no other Netflix original came close to the experience offered by Sense8.

However, the show was canceled because it was being shot at multiple locations and the cinematography was costing much more than it was generating. Moreover, it was a niche-based show and it was far too intense for the general audience so; the show was canceled to support its filming expenses. 

  • The Society

Release:  May 10, 2019

Lifetime: 1 season 

Runtime:  58 minutes 

Genre:  Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction 

Synopsis: A group of teenagers from the same school goes on a field trip that lands them in a completely new dimension where everything is the same, but the population has wiped out completely, leaving them in control of everything. 

The Society was a palatable take on explaining running a community and expanding how government works. A very simple yet very intriguing vision, the show received a lot of good remarks. Teenagers who find it hard to understand the nitty-gritty of politics find a fun learning experience.

The show was canceled because right after it was picked up for the second season, the pandemic was on the full boom. Amidst the health chaos, the show became a challenge for the team and crew. Even after running many social media campaigns for saving the show, it failed to save the show. 

  • Anne with an E

Release:  March 19, 2017

Lifetime: 3 Season 

Runtime: 1 hour 

Genre: History, Drama, Fiction   

Synopsis: In the late 80s era, a teenage girl is adopted from an orphanage by two lonely siblings in their late 50s. Navigating through teenage, building new friendships, and molding their behaviors, she becomes their pride and joy, offering them companionship like never before.

 This perfect and extremely entraining history piece was so well received that it soon became the talk of the town. Gathering appreciation from some of the biggest names in the industry and bagging the biggest nominations and awards, the show was a complete masterpiece.

However, Netflix announced the cancellation soon after its third season was released. The fans were furious and there were numerous billboards, petition signings, and hashtags from fans to bring the show back. However, until this day, Netflix and the CBC never addressed the issues or the reason behind the cancellation of the show. 

  • Pretty Smart

Release:  Oct. 8, 2021

Lifetime: 1 Season 

Runtime:  30 min 

Genre:  Comedy 

Synopsis: Book-smart, Ivy league graduate and extremely nerdy big sister pay a visit to her bubbly, social butterfly baby sister to discover a completely new world away from her bookworm life. 

Pretty smart gathered a lot of hype right after it was announced. All the millennials who grew up watching Disney were extremely ecstatic because it had a mighty big Disney cast bringing Emily Osment from Hannah Montanan and Greg Sulkin from Wizards of Waverly Place.

However, soon after its release, it gathered a lot of criticism from the critics, and with its lackluster story and a dry comedy that was a direct dig into current social life, it failed to gather the audience. The worst part of the show was that it felt more like a sarcastic hit on the study while highlighting the importance of social media. 

Wrap Up

In the world of entrainment run by capitalism, the success of a series is based on its ranking and the money it generates. Regardless of their entertainment value, some of the shows are canceled because of financial reasons. Irrespective of these issues, it is safe to say that more viewers are opting to not get emotionally attached to the shows.

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