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Best Bitcoin Bonuses of 2022

For a crypto trader, a bitcoin bonus is something alluring that they will not want to leave. Moreover, various crypto exchange platforms also offer various signup bonuses to the users which are quite attractive. Beginner crypto traders often prefer to create a crypto trading account on such platforms that offer them various types of bonuses from time to time without putting risk their own money. For the ease of the users, the trader’s union experts have therefore created a rating of the best bitcoin bonuses platform. 

The crypto bonus is a type of program offered by the crypto exchange platforms as a part of the promotion to attract new users. There are varied forms of crypto promotions and bonuses such as referral bonuses, reward bonuses, and sign-up bonuses. 

While talking of crypt-trading platforms, binance and bybit are the major names that come to the forefront. Moreover, when it comes to choosing one there is always a dilemma regarding binance vs bybit. Both these platforms enable their users to exchange digital currency without any hassle. Headquartered in Hong Kong, China the binance crypto exchange platform is one of the largest platforms in the world holding a leading spot amongst all its competitors. Moreover, this trading platform often witnesses a high influx of new trading members and users and an increasing web rank. Before gaining its current high-status Binance started its venture with its own native asset. 

As compared to binance, Bybit is relatively a new trading exchange platform. It made its debut in the digital trading world only in 2018. It emerged as an independent platform for various trading derivatives and offers contracts for perpetual futures and inverse. This trading exchange platform offers leverage of almost 1:100. Through Bybit the new traders are often exposed to the USD futures set by Bybit which can be mixed with LTC, BTC XRP, EOS, ETH, and various other tokens. This crypto exchange also comes with numerous other technological advantages. 

Overall in the game of binance vs bybit, binance holds a superior rank even though by a fine line. Moreover as compared to Bybit, binance has a better fee structure and offers numerous ways for the traders to deposit and access their funds. Additionally, on the binance platform, there are zero withdrawal fees for the users. It is a supportive and heavy platform that enables traders to open three flat currency accounts. 

Apart from these two famous exchange platforms, there are various others as well that provide some of the best bitcoin bonuses. Some of them include the following: 

  • Crypto sign-up bonus- this bitcoin bonus is given to the new users on signing in to a new account on the crypto exchange trading platform. This bonus is usually given only after verifying the account and deposition of the mentioned amount. Moreover, some exchange platforms even ask the users to first make a trade before getting eligible for the sign-up crypto bonus. 
  • Crypto referral bonus- This bonus is given out to those individuals who are an active part of the crypto referral program. In this type of bonus program, a crypto exchange platform or online broker generates for its users a unique registration link. The users share this r link to their contact and when open an account through this link, the user becomes eligible for the crypto referral bonus. 
  • Crypto reward program- IN this type of bonus program the traders need to complete certain tasks to receive this bonus. For example, some trading platforms will ask their users to watch some videos about the available cryptocurrency video of their choice. 

The above mentioned are some of the best bitcoin bonuses of 2022 that the users can avail by becoming members of the popular trading platforms. 

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