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Bitcoin Prime: Key Features and Benefits

Are you also thinking to invest in Bitcoin to have a source of passive income? We appreciate your decision because investing in cryptocurrency is one of the best savings as passive income.

But it is always a complicated task to understand the reasons behind rising and falling in the value of cryptocurrency for a newcomer. Unlike another stock trading, this market is not monitored by any authority or government. So it is hard to predict what would be the state of the crypto market at the end of the day.

Thanks to the AI-powered robot website such as Bitcoin Prime which has made it easy to earn profit in the crypto market while decreasing the ratio of losing. As we already mentioned, Bitcoin Prime is a robotic website powered by advanced cutting-edge technologies where a robotic system makes a trade on your behalf to earn money.

This robot monitors the crypto market deeply and processes the data in real-time to find the best opportunities to trade. It has a very high win rate which is approximately 90%. So there is no doubt that if you invest in Bitcoin Prime, you would surely earn at the end of the day regularly.

Now you want to know something more about Bitcoin Prime. Below are some key features and benefits with a brief description that will help you to make a wise decision.

What are the key features of Bitcoin Prime?

Bitcoin Prime is not only an advanced AI robot but also offers some customer-friendly features. These key features make the app superior to others.

Minimum deposit limit

To start an account and earn money, you do not need to invest a huge amount or pay a heavy registration fee at all. You can start earning with the lowest investment of $250 without paying a single penny in the term of the registration fee. You are facilitated with the same quality given to a big investor.

The facility of Demo account

To win the confidence of their customers, Bitcoin Prime teams offer a demo account at the lowest investment. You can avail yourself of the opportunity to check the accuracy and efficiency of the robot without risking your real money.

This feature will help you to understand the way this robot works and the ratio it gives in terms of profit. Thus you can have an idea whether you are earning a reasonable profit or it is lower than your imagination.

Withdrawal time and fee

If you want to withdraw your amount at any time, you do not need to wait for long at all. You can have your money within 24 hours after you hit withdraw option. The team is very active in customer services so you do not have to wait for days.

One of the best things we think about Bitcoin Prime is, the app does not cut off any withdrawal amount in 10 withdrawals in a calendar month. The number is very impressive so you do not worry to have multiple withdrawals in a month.

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