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Bit24 | Secure market to sell and buy Cryptocurrency in Iran

There are many transactions in the digital currency market everyday. One of the most important requirements for operating in the digital currency market is having the services of a reliable digital exchange. This issue is one of the concerns of users due to the unstable security of online spaces. Stay with us to know one of the safest Sell and Buy Cryptocurrency in Iran.

What is a digital currency exchange and what services does it provide?

Online exchange or digital exchange means a place on the internet where users can trade and store their digital currencies. In fact, in digital currency exchanges, users can buy or sell currencies. Also, when trading, they can convert their digital currencies to other digital currencies or fiat currencies as well as they can check the prices of currencies like bitcoin price, ETH price, and other ones.

Features of a reliable digital currency exchange

One of the most important principles in digital currency transactions is to have a safe and reliable environment. This is why finding a reputable exchange can be so challenging. In order to be able to trust an exchange, you need to have complete information about the features of a valid digital exchange. The features of a valid digital currency exchange are as follows:

Fast and easy authentication

All exchanges must provide financial security to their users to prevent financial crimes. This is why registering the identity of users in digital exchanges is a necessity and a way to gain trust. One of the most important features of a reliable exchange is fast and easy authentication. This process should not be difficult and boring for the user.

Diversity in the number of currencies

Another feature of a reliable digital currency exchange is having enough variety in the number of currencies. The number of cryptocurrencies in the market is countless, and usually users are not satisfied with trading two or three digital currencies and want multiple choices. A good and reliable exchange should offer a variety of currencies, coins and tokens.

Having a physical office

One of the ways to build the trust of digital exchanges is the presence of a physical office for the support and in-person consultation of users. When all transaction processes from registration to buying and selling are done completely online, having a physical office address can significantly gain the trust of users.

Comprehensive support

Another validation factor for digital exchanges is comprehensive support and after-sales service. In this case, if users encounter problems or questions, the consultant or group can guide them, and this is one of the most important tasks of digital exchanges.

No restrictions on buying and selling

One of the main characteristics of a reliable exchange is the lack of limits on the purchase and sale of digital currencies.

Real and current prices

Users need to have access to real-time information on the value of digital currencies in order to make transactions and choose the right currencies for investment.

Liquidity and volume of transactions

Another thing that plays a role in the credibility of exchanges is liquidity and high volume of transactions. High volume transactions are not allowed in some digital currency exchanges and users have to make several small volume transactions to complete a high volume transaction. This makes the cost go up and takes more time.

Internal and dedicated wallet

A reliable exchange has an internal and dedicated wallet that allows the user to store and maintain digital assets. Since Iranian users are under sanctions and do not receive proper services, a reliable digital exchange can solve this problem by providing an internal and dedicated wallet.

Resume and history of the collection

One of the important steps in choosing a reliable digital exchange is to check its history and resume. The most important factor for gaining trust is the number of users of an online exchange, which indicates its reputation and credibility.

Bit 24 is a reliable and famous Iranian exchange

Bit24 is a system of buying and selling digital currencies for exchanging digital assets and crypto-currencies of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether and other digital currencies with the common currency of Iran (Rial), with the aim of eliminating middlemen, making it easy and safe to buy. and sold and also provides 24-hour buying and selling for subscribers. This exchange has been able to provide countless services to users in the field of buying, selling and keeping digital currencies by having all the features of a reliable online exchange.

Also, providing practical articles in the field of understanding terms, currencies, prices and investing in the cryptocurrency market is among other facilities that Bit24 offers to its users and provides them with enough information and knowledge to make profitable transactions in a safe and reliable environment.

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