FINHABITS is a financial institution based in New York, USA. It is one of the leading fintech companies for U.S. Latinos and has raised $8M in funding over two rounds. FINHABITS is a bilingual automated investment application that offers Emergency reserves for your funds, a personal investment plan to grow your funds in the future, and individual retirement solutions for old aged people. According to transactions and client base, they are one of the largest financial institutions.

In addition to this, FINHABITS also provides portfolio diversification among mutual funds and ETFs, bonds, and share markets. The app is also suitable for entrepreneurs who want to increase their business revenue. The app supports both iOS and Android devices. 


FINHABITS believe that financial services should be more inclusive. It allows you to invest in your future as our main aim is always client satisfaction and give more and more profit to clients. We are the leading financial institution in the USA.

Join us today and invest your money in your bright future.


In today’s era, everything is automated, so it’s easier to stick to your plan. Start investing with $100 and believe in us. Our professionals are more than 20 years of experience in this field. The more money you invest, the more return you get in your future. Our charge is $3 per month; multiply $7500 of the balance. This all features can’t give by any other financial institution or any third party member as Finhabits is the one whom you can trust and faith.

Learn with our academy vs. other academy

FINHABITS offers you visual live streaming examples with our financial experts regarding how to invest, which is the right time to invest and 

How much growth you can get and solve all your doubts by providing one-on-one meetings with our experts and professionals. The other financial institutions also provide this facility but there is a lot of difference in concepts building and understanding the things as it is a case of money and your future growth and investment. 

Provide health insurance for individual as well as for family members

We provide health insurance for you and your family at a very affordable cost. It will also cover expenses in the case of medical issues. In addition, Finhabits also offer you retirement plans in your old age. 


Our clients give us reviews on the internet by using our services which are as follows:-


My money will grow in a brief period by using the FINHABITS application. It is straightforward to use in a safer environment. Most people will think those who have savings account in the bank will get interested, but the return is more in this app than in banks or other securities.


I have had a good return on investment over the past two years. But, you can’t do it for two months. Then, you have to wait for growth and profit with your money which takes a long time.

Joaquin Martinez

I joined this app three weeks ago, and the transactions made in this app are so far transparent. The app is super easy to navigate and has a complete record of all our investments.

Walter Godinez

Every investment requires patience and time to grow up. I have been joined for one month. These apps make it easy to invest any extra money, which is significantly appreciated so far. 

Finhabits reviews are from our well-experienced clients who use our app and how they feel.

Why choose us?

FINHABITS provide you with a full phase package regarding your retirement plans, wealth management, health insurance, stock market, etc.

The experts are well experienced in financial instruments and well advisable as well as friendly in nature.

Finhabits are the ones whom you are looking for, whether it is a case of emergency or health or maybe it’s your portfolio.

There is no other third party organization who provide all this facility in a budget friendly and hassle free environment.

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