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How to Register for Zeepay Mobile Money? Advantages & Disadvantages

Zeepay is a mobile money wallet application that offers users digital rails to link with various types of money wallets, bank cards, tokens, and ATMs. Zeepay mobile money is one of the rapidly-growing platforms in the domain of mobile money. It supports more than 600 corridors Africa-wide with the presence of Ghana and the United Kingdom as well.

Zeepay Ghana has transformed the financial landscape in the country by leveraging mobile technology to provide convenient and accessible financial services. Its range of services, including mobile money transfers, bill payments, merchant payments, and international remittances.

People are calling this platform one of the quickest developing money cells which is a very big deal. There are many benefits of being in touch with Zeepay, so one should consider registering on this platform.

What is Zeepay Ghana?

Zeepay Ghana is a financial technology (fintech) company that operates in Ghana, West Africa. It was founded in 2015 with the aim of providing convenient and accessible mobile financial services to individuals and businesses. Zeepay has emerged as one of the leading fintech companies in Ghana, revolutionizing the way people send and receive money, pay bills, and conduct financial transactions.

Being one of the quickest and convenient electric wallet services which allow its customers to send, store and receive payments very feasibly. The funds are regulated and protected by the Bank of Ghana. The main motive of Zeepay is to provide its customers a comfort like they don’t need to go to a bank especially to manage their transactions. It has improved and promoted financial inclusion. Zeepay facilitates its customers with:

Zeepay Mobile Money Wallet
Zeepay Mobile Money Wallet
  • Mobile Money
  • Remittance
  • Domestic transfers
  • Micro-insurance
  • Payments
  • Bank, Mobile wallet, card terminations

What else a customer needs to be at the best ease of making payment? Consider downloading the Zeepay application today and start dealing sitting home and refer to your family and friends as well.

Benefits of Zeepay Mobile Money in Ghana

Zeepay mobile money became fastest growing company to provide a service to send or receive money in Ghana, You can make payment of your utility or bills easily. Here we are mention the best benefits of Zeepay mobile money.

Send and Receive Money in Ghana

The Zeepay is allowing users to send and receive money through mobile phones. This service enables individuals to conduct transactions easily and securely, even without a bank account. With Zeepay, users can transfer money to anyone with a mobile phone number, making it an inclusive and efficient solution for financial transactions.

Make Payment of your Utility or Bills

Zeepay mobile money transfers, Zeepay provides a range of other services. These include bill payments, such as utility bills and school fees, as well as merchant payments, enabling individuals and businesses to make payments conveniently. Zeepay has partnered with various utility companies, educational institutions, and merchants to facilitate these transactions, making it easier for customers to settle their bills and make purchases.

Zeepay is International Remittances

The Zeepay is international remittances. Ghana has a significant diaspora population, with many Ghanaians living and working abroad. Zeepay allows these individuals to send money back home to their families and loved ones through its digital platform. By leveraging technology and strategic partnerships, Zeepay has made international remittances faster, more affordable, and more accessible, thereby contributing to financial inclusion and economic development in Ghana.

Zeepay explore beyond Ghana in 2023-24

Zeepay has also made efforts to expand its services beyond Ghana. It has established partnerships with other mobile money operators in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, and Zimbabwe, enabling cross-border remittances and fostering regional financial integration. This expansion demonstrates Zeepay’s commitment to leveraging technology to drive financial inclusion not only within Ghana but also across the African continent.

How Zeepay begun? Why its called Cryptocurrency?

Zeepay begun with the motive of providing value to the customers who deal with thousands of payments each day and they don’t need to keep switching on and off with their bank account or the wallets with limitations. Zeepay came up with better innovative ideas which given amazing accessibility, integrity. It is public-centric also and when it comes to efficiency, it is outstanding and reliable.

Zeepay is also known as a cryptocurrency because the money is getting transferred digitally or online. There are no dealings with cash or any type of coins. It’s just that you need to make a deposition once in your account and you are good to manage your account in your hand more efficiently.

Is Zeepay safe or legal for investment?

The safety of using an application is a must and people get insecure while using such platforms online. But when it comes to Zeepay’s safety, you can rely on this application. Unlike the other applications, it cannot be hacked, and neither your money can be vanished due to unfair money.

Zeepay Freedom
Zeepay Freedom

 Even in the case if you end up losing your sim card or mobile phone, you can let the company know about it. Their staff would block your account until you get your sim card new. In case if you still couldn’t access your account, your money would be refunded to you by hook or crook.

Also, the investment is quite legal in this application, because the company is registered and it confirms all the details of a user from the photograph to complete history, which gives the surety of identity verifications. This should be done because Zeepay would be able to know about your transactions that whom you are sending money.

The Business structure of Zeepay and how Zeepay works?

The business structure of the Zeepay is way too simple. The basic structure of Zeepay is that it store funds in an electronic account which has nothing to do with a bank account. Zeepay is a type of independent electronic account that works on the contact number of a person. Apart from the contact number a person has to give complete identity proof to the company for security purposes.

Business Structure of Zeepay
Business Structure of Zeepay

The working of Zeepay is quite simple in which you can send and receive money to anyone in the world by using your contact number no matter if the person you are sending money has an account on Zeepay or not. This is the best option to save money as well, because you will not be able to withdraw money in form of cash.

If Zeepay interests you, you can also access this application by downloading its applications and filling in your existing contact number, you have to dial on a USSD code which is *270#. There is no maintenance charge of Zeepay wallet but you will be charged while making transactions.

The registration process for Tier 1 users:

  • Fill in your complete and legal name which should be on your photo identity too.
  • Fill in your date of birth as per your photo ID.
  • A valid issued photo ID of anything from the options available such as Voter ID, Driving licensee, NHIS, passport, etc.
  • Fill in your detailed residential address.
  • Fill in your active contact number, the same that you will use for the Zeepay account.
  • GPS or digital address which is optional too.

The registration process for Tier 2 users:

  • Along with above all the details you have to fill in the proof of address.
  • Fill in the email address.
  • A neat picture of the ID.

After doing this you can call on the office number which is XXXXXXXXXX and your account is all set to send and receive money.

How to Register on Zeepay in India or UK?

The process of registering in Zeepay Money Wallet would be the same for every country. The application is available for Android and iOS users as well. You have to be careful while filling in your details because if you make a mistake in the registration you might have to face it later while doing payments and receiving them.

Zeepay Money Team
Zeepay Money Team

 People in India and United Kingdom are still using this application and the most interesting thing about this application is that you can send money regardless of your phone network in your own country but it will need the roaming signals to use the same in any other country.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Zeepay?

Zeepay has been doing so well in its field and it has also created a craze in the youth but before investing in this platform one should be aware of all the possible advantages and disadvantages so that everybody can think twice and participate in the activity with all acknowledgments.


  • The most amazing thing about Zeepay is that you can save your money easily as compared to the physical wallet. In a physical wallet, everyone tends to spend their money on some useless things because the human mind is uncontrollable. But in Zeepay money, you would feel like saving your money and keep utilizing it in the application to earn a large profit.
  • Zeepay wallet provides you complete security.
  • It provides lots of features.
  • Zeepay has an application as well as a website, so one can avail of the comfort of using applications. As the interface of any application is easier to understand and use as compared to the website.
  • It also provides you a facility of connecting your wallet with NFC tag which is abbreviated as Near Field Communication, through which you can access your account without a device.
  • You do not need to purchase any new SIM card to register in Zeepay, which means there is no requirement for a special number.
  • The tax for cash and transfer services is quite low, you don’t need to pay the revenue.
  • Transactions can be done from direct bank to wallet and vice-versa.
  • The microinsurance of Zeepay is low as well which is GHS2.50.
  • You can feasibly receive and send payments through any type of wallet without any signals and that is what Zeepay is all about.
  • You can buy airtime from all the networks for your belongings.
  • Zeepay also offers you a helpline number in which you can call and ask about the refunds in case you transfer money to the wrong number.
  • Identity verification is also a great part of Zeepay which gives you a surety of your account and no one can misuse your account.
  • Zeepay also offers a facility for blocking your account in case you lose your device or sim card. Nobody would be able to use your account as it is secured with mobile money pin.
  • You can also send money to the person who is not using Zeepay, it allows bank transfer services.
  • It is not a must that you should have a bank account to use Zeepay.
  • You can access Zeepay from each corner of the world.


  • You can only make payment up to a limited amount if you are a user tier 1, that is GHS5000 per day and for tier 2 users it’s GHS10000 per day.
  • It has only currency for receiving which is Ghana Cedis.
  • You might deal with denied funds due to some reasons sometimes.
  • You will be charged a bit of tax while making transactions.

Zeepay Mobile Money Company Latest News

  • The ten-year-old Zeepay company, which has raised more than $23 million since it launched.
  • The Ghanaian fintech says it has over 200 employees, with offices across Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean. As of 2022, the company was already present in 23 countries.
  • The Ghanaian fintech Zeepay secures additional US$3 million from Verdant Capital Hybrid Fund to drive growth.


This application is being used by millions of users worldwide and most people have given a positive feedback to Zeepay, so as such there are no limitations to use Zeepay. You will be able to manage your account with all peace of mind and with no insecurities.

FAQs about Zeepay Ghana


Q.1 What is the revenue of Zeepay in Ghana?

Ans. Zeepay revenue in Ghana was 43.9million at the close of 2022.

Q.2 How many people use Zeepay worldwide?

Ans. Zeepay Ghana has 3,40,000 users worldwide.

Q.3 How does Zeepay Ghana make money?

Ans. Zeepay Ghana makes money through 1.5% commissions it gets for transactions from companies or operators. For every transaction that you make using Zeepay, it gets a commission from the company.

Q.4 Who are the competitors of Zeepay Ghana in Ghana?

Ans. Top Competitors of Google Pay in Ghana are:

  • PalmPay
  • Dnar
  • SendCedis2Naira
  • Pngme.
  • SweepSouth.
  • Mono.

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