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Bluelight – a blockchain game inspired by Take My Muffin series

The GameFi industry offers players a wide range of Play-to-Earn MMORPGs with a focus on quick profits. These projects mostly serve the purpose of enriching players, but are not viable in the long run – many of them disappear when token price falls after a cooldown of the hype. The crypto and gaming communities crave more sustainable projects that bring fun and new experience, not just cash. This is where comes in – a new blockchain game where everyone has a chance to build a virtual startup and turn it into a unicorn.

What is Bluelight?

Bluelight is a blockchain-based game for an aspiring, tech-savvy audience that is quickly expanding and capable of coming up with innovative ideas, managing teams, and working within financial limitations. Visually and ideologically, it is based on Take My Muffin – the first animation cartoon series 100% funded by the crypto community. 

The final objective of the game is to develop your venture into a large-scale business and become the CEO of the corporation. To accomplish this goal, players can rent and buy offices, help their teams solve daily tasks and find ways to raise their productivity. For every successfully completed project, they earn $KALE coins that can be used to purchase in-game NFT objects (offices, furniture, worker cards, etc).  

The game has two modes:

Business Tycoon. This mode emerges players in San Crypto – the cradle of startups and the tycoon party. It allows you to manage your offices: buy or rent them, and purchase objects to boost workers’ productivity. The latter is necessary for your team members to complete more lucrative and complex tasks as they advance in level.

Collectible Card Game. Your team has fixed amount of days to complete a project – your task is to help them by building the right strategy. Raise their productivity by applying certain cards and using office space that you organize in the Business Tycoon mode. For every successfully finished project you get $KALE rewards. 

The platform is also powered by NFTs that vary in uniqueness, perks and application. They can greatly help you advance through the game, but note that Bluelight is free-to-play – you can start with zero investments if your team is located in a coworking space. 

How to earn

Players can earn $KALE and other rewards by doing the following:

  • Completing projects in the Business Tycoon mode
  • Doing daily/weekly/monthly activities
  • Participating in battle seasons (NFT rewards are also included)
  • Renting out lands or offices
  • Improving NFTs’ characteristics and trade them

 You can use earned $KALE to buy characters, upgrade their skills, and purchase offices. Additionally, you can sell $KALE on exchanges (creators plan to list it on various platforms later on). NFTs will be traded on the Bluelight marketplace when it goes live.

Plans & roadmap

In 2023 the Bluelight team plans to:

  • Launch a public beta version of the game
  • Open the official marketplace and sell 15k+ NFTs
  • Add creator tools
  • Launch BSC-Ethereum bridge for NFTs
  • Launch P2E mechanics on a mainnet, adding PvP and new economics

By the end of the year, a full-flegded public game version should appear and become available for everyone. 

Wrapping up

Putting an emphasis on engaging gameplay experience, Bluelight gives everyone the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial abilities, establish a successful company, and earn crypto tokens. Besides, the project mascots share tips and humorous posts to entertain the community – join it in Telegram or Discord, and don’t forget that the publicly available version of the game is coming soon. 

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