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Crypto Trading Bots : What Beginners Must Know

Grid crypt trading bot is a trading bot that helps the trader is carrying out to place a series of buy and sell orders around a fixed price range. Grid trading bots work best when traders want to buy or sell their stock within a given price range. In India, many traders don’t always have time to check their portfolios as they are very busy in their occupations; hence grid trading bots offer traders to set a price which they might think the graph or coin will move to that particular price range. Therefore, the grid trading bots help exchange transactions between the crypto exchange and the trader. 

These are connected with EarthWeb, specializing in gaming, social media, and cryptocurrency. Most cryptocurrency exchanges depend on and are linked through the EarthWeb.


These grid trading bots offer different advantages and features based on your trading platforms: –


It is one of the best crypto grid trading bots in the crypto industry as the PIONEX is completely free and based upon your needs. These trading bots automate your trading strategies which are very useful for setting a price range and the number of grids in the series. 

The trader only chooses the percentage of funds that he may want to invest to buy a crypto coin or digital currency. The main interesting feature of PIONEX is that you can easily repurchase them when the price falls. PIONEX also offers an infinity grid bot, the premium version of grid trading.


BITSGAP is one of the most efficient websites for beginners in the crypto market as it has many easy functions for buying and selling cryptocurrency. For example, the easiest way is to add your funds, and you can buy a coin starting from $100 easily. Furthermore, the website is based on very smart algorithmic orders, and you can easily manage your assets within one user interface. 

The website offers an advantage over the fluctuating market with very rare risks with our automated algorithms. 

  • The platform features include
  • Trading bot
  • Trading terminal
  • Portfolio
  • Demo account


These crypto trading bots use an app to support retail investors investing in cryptocurrencies and new beginners. You can invest easily as this app is very easy and reliable to use by clicking just one tap button. Before jumping into the paid membership, you can use this app as a free trial for seven days in the crypto hopper. 

The crypto hopper also offers you a marketplace where you can use third-party services such as crypto signals, apps, trading strategies, and templates. Along with that, crptohopper gives you a demo trading account in which they ensure you to give 100000 points for trade in your demo account. 

The tagline of this exchange is quite attractive, written as a world-class automated crypto trading bot or free bots for trading Bitcoin.


As the name suggests, Coinrule is the next-level trading bot for beginners. The rule allows you to trade in a minute as it is a user-friendly interface and guides new beginners step by step. The library contains more than 150 preset rules, which help beginners run their portfolio that suits their needs. 

The most important thing to note here is that it allows various cryptocurrency trading strategies consisting of stop-loss, take profit, and integrates the main technical signals of crypto coin like which coin is to buy or sell as per the news and graph. 

Another interesting fact here is the built-in demo exchange. Traders can trade in privacy and a very safe environment with the virtual allocation of coins. The rules are coming from the Binance app, which is very risky and free, and the platform fits perfectly to create your coinbase bot.


It is a platform that makes investing in crypto bots very simple manner. Traders feel like they are investing in mutual f. Then they are very transparent about user information and offer you a wide variety of options based on your risk appetite, and pricing is far beyond and unique. 

Murex has over 6500+ users and over 400 mn USD transactions traded in it every month. This platform is used by very well-known venture capitalists and good angel investors.

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