Become Part of a New First with the NFT Drop for the World’s First Metaverse Cricket Game

As the world is getting ready for a new normal after the extent of damage done by the pandemic, there have been a lot of advancements in the virtual world. Particularly, the latter part of 2021 was time for the biggest explosion for non-fungible tokens (NFTs in short), where their total sales went up at least 20 times more than the previous year. Various assets were sold as NFTs, including artworks (digital/physical/system-generated), music albums, movies, video clips, memes, and in-game assets, among others. 

The NFT assets used in blockchain-based games have garnered a huge market share during the NFT boom period. The primary reason for such extraordinary records is a result of the  scarcity that has been intentionally set by the game developers, reflecting in the  trading activity of the game’s ecosystem. There are a lot of blockchain-based games on the market today, with most of them offering a play-to-earn (P2E) option.

P2E gaming is the domain where a player can earn money in real-time – while playing the game reaping cashable  in-game rewards. Such a feature in itself is a great affair, and so far, it has been welcomed by many professional gamers as well as people who had to take up P2E gaming due to the sudden economic collapse caused by the global pandemic. There have been various genres of P2E blockchain games that have been received well among the NFT community. Most games are presented in the battle genre, along with a few in racing and sporting genres. Some of them even took up to the next level with a thriving ecosystems of  metaverse elements. 

Some examples of P2E games include Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, Thetan Arena, F1 Delta Time, and Sorare, among others. Now, it looks like the marketplace is gearing  up for yet another sporting-based NFT game with an NFT drop event which is scheduled soon. In this blog, we will see more about what the NFT drop event is all about and more related information that we know. 

The Maiden NFT Drop – What Does It Hold?

The upcoming NFT drop event “Super Loot” from the world’s first NFT cricket game, “Meta Cricket League,” is set to be held tomorrow (April 22, 2022) on the ‘’ NFT marketplace website. ‘’ is the official NFT marketplace for the upcoming NFT cricket game. The platform is  powered by GuardianLink, an NFT development firm based in Singapore. Earlier, the firm had  developed a celebrity NFT marketplace project in collaboration with a few big names that were received well by the target audience. 

The only press release earlier last month had started a wave of social media posts expressing enthusiasm towards the NFT drop event and the subsequent cricket game. Various assumptions keep flowing in regards to the launch  – such as, the nature of the gameplay, the probable NFT collectibles contained in the subsequent drops, and more. 

The Speculations based on the NFT Drop

The ‘Super Loot’ NFT drop has been raising a lot of speculation. Since not a lot is known about the NFTs present in the drop or the utilities they might possess – his has given rise to a mountain of assumptions across social media and personal banters. Which is not surprising, given the hype surrounding the NFT drop event. While some speculations seem plausible, others are hearsay.

One of the main conjectures  that have been going across all social media platforms is that the NFTs contained in the drop might include the digital versions of – player cards, cricket equipment, and even a limited edition of signed cricket memorabilia from cricketing legends. Also, the NFTs are largely associated with how the potential game could play out, as these tokens  are assumed to hold a major stake  in the gameplay of the upcoming NFT cricket game. The cost associated with the NFT collectibles could be much more economical than the expense required to get into any of the currently established blockchain games.

The hashtag “#jumptrade” has been trending across all the social media platforms. The tag is attached to hilarious memes and posts that call out their followers to utilize such a rare opportunity. Some posts went to another extreme by decoding the website and the roadmap, which may or may not come true. So far, the ‘’ NFT marketplace has delivered on  a lot of promises for its participants and a lot of guesses regarding how the NFT drop could be crucial until more official announcements are made.

Signing Up for the Platform

To create an account on the ‘’ NFT marketplace platform, go to the “Sign Up” option found on the top right corner of the website. Then, fill in the basic personal details followed with  a strong password  on the window that appears. After that, a verification email will be sent to your email address. Verify your email, and you are officially a  member of the’ NFT marketplace platform. Do not forget to fund  your wallet with the necessary currency supported by the platform beforehand as a precautionary measure before buying your first cricket NFTs. More information can be found in the elaborate FAQ section given in the NFT marketplace’s official website. 

A Final Touch 

One can easily understand the hype around the NFT drop event for the ‘world’s first NFT cricket game’ has been a result of the developers not clearly revealing how the NFT items could be useful in the subsequent game. As we all know, there are no limits to human imagination (which has made us invent everything from the wheel to NFTs), so the guessing game would not stop until the drop event actually happens. Yet, some features of the NFT drop contents are nearly certain, so people should not be missing a one-of-its-kind chance to own some greatly useful NFTs. 

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