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EXEX exactly What the market has been Waiting For

EXEX is a very customer-centric organization that provides high-tech services in crypto trading. The company’s mission is to improve and simplify crypto trading, to ensure the highest level of safety for its client, and to simplify the interaction of a final user with any of the services provided by Here, everyone can deal with crypto trading, no matter what their skills or capital are.

The company’s ideology is based on the idea of maximum comfort and the repletion of the client’s wants. Proving this claim isn’t unfounded, a team of professionals with many years of experience in crypto trading and finance enters the market with a product, taking into account all analytical issues and removing all bottlenecks of trading systems and their UX processes. Both an experienced trader and a beginner who has just discovered this area will find this platform comfortable. All user cases were given meticulous attention, and the problems of other platforms were collected, investigated, and eliminated.

In addition to higher leverage for the top cryptocurrencies, a friendly and professional support team available 24/7, and cutting-edge user data protection technologies, exchange will also offer its users a unique tech solution – software to detect and minimize trading risks. Using this tool, many traders – both professional and inexperienced ones – will be able to improve and balance their trading strategies.

“EXEX is a tool for everyone. Cryptocurrency will really be available and understandable for everyone.” (с) CEO EXEX, Yuriy Modlinski.

The cryptocurrency platform will be launched globally with no geographical restrictions for users, except for the countries which ban interaction with cryptocurrencies or have other restrictions imposed by local governments.

It’s no secret the platform is planning to become the TOP one. Everything reflects the thorough approach of a team with many years of experience in cryptocurrency trading and traditional finance. Just have a look at the logo, which incorporates an endless trading cycle, the number “8” that brings good luck, and the name that reminds you of a mantra, making you feel sure the profit will be great, easy to remember, and charged to bring you profit.

The platform is claimed to have the highest level of protection for accounts and transactions, the best cryptocurrency pairs, minimum withdrawal and deposit time, and commissions with no pitfalls. Even though this list seems to be enough for any platform to get started with, there’s more to reveal. Nowadays, the best conditions are what helps to attract users, and here they are: offers higher leverage which will let you trade even if you have little money left on your deposit, and an original risk minimization system which is very likely to attract clients from other platforms because the trader’s successes are based on the “save and avoid losing” principle.

Moreover, this service is developed by traders for traders: the interface is perfect, even a beginner won’t feel lost, and on top of that, there’s the software that only EXEX has, let’s call it “helping algorithms”.

Concise, professional, and useful – probably the best description of EXEX we might think of. The EXEX Platform is available now in testing mode on browsers, IOS and Android:

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