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Forex trading is an exciting thing for beginners, but a newbie gets to learn new things and strategies with every passing day. With added plans, additional funds are needed by the traders, and here comes the role of leverage trading. 

Leverage trading is a trading method in which traders borrow money to get funds for trading. Leverage trading allows expanding the balance by multiple folds and enhancing the chances of earning more enormous profits. But, alongside profit, it may bring unfortunate risks of losses for the trader. 

Currently, several high leverage forex brokers are ready to lend you funds. But, every leverage forex broker doesn’t offer the best to you. So, we have listed a few leverage brokers who can be a valuable element for you in forex trading. 

1. is a top contender among leading leverage forex brokers in 2022. It offers some of the best benefits that American traders might be interested in. comes with over 70 pairs that allow traders to choose pairs of interest. Moreover, it offers a 2% margin (i.e. 50:1 leverage) on many significant pairs like EUR/USD, EUR/CAD, etc. The margin stays between 3-5% for other pairs, making a top leverage forex broker. 

On, a trader can start with any three account types, i.e., standard, commission, or DMA (direct market access). The standard account is a basic account with a spread, while the commission account limits the spread but charges a $5 commission for every 1 lakh unit. 

2. Cedar FX

Cedar FX is among eco-friendly, high leverage forex brokers that offer better trading opportunities to forex traders. Cedar FX offers two accounts to start for leverage trading, i.e. commission and eco-friendly accounts. In addition, Cedar FX is dedicated to planting millions of trees using the commission gained from leverage trading. 

Cedar FX also offers demo trading to help beginners learn above leverage forex trading. Traders can start with diversified leverage on different precious things like 500:1 on precious metals, 200:1 on indices and commodities, 100:1 for crypto, and 20:1 for stock purchases. 

3. FXCC 

Every trader needs an all-rounder leverage broker to help them start forex trading freely. 

In FXCC, traders can start with a minimum deposit of $100 and trade in multiple currencies like EUR, USD, and GBP. Moreover, with FXCC, traders can trade several instruments to expand their trading exposure like forex, crypto, metals, indices, bonds, shares, etc. 

Several fxcc reviews have suggested the benefits of relying on FXCC to start leverage for trading. With a better and improved trading platform, customer support, and multiple investment instruments, FXCC is the best for leverage forex trading in 2022

4. AvaTrade

AvaTrade is one of the most known and highly advantageous leverage forex traders in 2022. AvaTrade has seven regulations and operates in multiple countries like Japan, Europe, Australia, the British Virgin Islands, UAE, and South Africa. The leverage broker offers high leverage up to 400:1 and wide asset availability to enhance the trading capabilities. Moreover, AvaTrade has introduced a 1-on-1 training program with account managers to guide and inform the process and features. 

The leverage forex broker, AvaTrade, deals in multiple instruments to make better options for traders like forex, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. With multilingual customer support, AvaTrade easily handles queries and instrument trading. Like the fxcc reviews, AvaTrade also has several positive and impressive reviews from the traders. 

These were some of the top leverage forex brokers currently operating handsomely in the market. These brokers help traders grow indefinitely with their specials tips and features for the traders. Hence, a beginner or a professional trader can easily rely on them for leverage forex trading.

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