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How to get into NFT Trading?

Many users are skeptical about the idea of making money from NFT. Some believe that everything associated with cryptocurrency is just a scam. Others just don’t know how to get started with NFTs. 

So we propose to work out together if it is real to make money on NFT, and whether it is worth trying to get into this subject at all. Let’s look in detail at ways of making money, successful deals, and find out what you can count on financially.

Getting into NFTs

Earnings from NFT include several directions. And it is very convenient. Before the advent of this technology, opportunities to make money from cryptocurrency were quite scarce, and to reach a successful level of income required in-depth knowledge of the market and strategies to work on it. NFTs allow ordinary users with no special knowledge of cryptocurrency to get their “piece of the pie” as well as artists.

Let’s have a look at how to get NFT tokens and get into NFT market. 

Create your NFT

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to make money from tokens and get into NFTs is to create your own. 

To create your NFT or to mint it – as it is called in the crypto world – you need to register on one of the NFT marketplaces. 

A relatively new and already actively gaining popularity marketplace is LiquidiftyEven if you are new to the NFT-world you can easily create your first NFT and start making money on it. The platform prepared a step-by-step guide for those who just started exploring the opportunities of NFT.

If you are an experienced digital artist or represent an NFT-project – Liquidifty offers an opportunity to run your own NFT-store and make it custom. Liquidifty doesn’t charge anything for creating a store and the team is ready to support within all the steps. 

Liquidifty provides additional marketing support and sales boost mechanics like Mystery boxes, gleam campaigns, AMA sessions, selling tokens in a bundle and others. 

Liquidifty is a platform that will bring more liquidity to the NFT market granting all NFT owners more use cases. The platform will provide different tools for NFT collectors. Every user will be able to use cross-chain NFT oracles, take out loans using NFTs as collateral, earn with NFT vaults, trade tokens on a convenient cross-chain marketplace or join a multi-ownership feature.

Liquidifty also has its own Launchpad. It is a place where users can earn money by participating in IDOs, INOs, and Airdrops from the most anticipated GameFi, DeFi, and NFT projects. Users can also participate in weekly cash prizes and get tickets for Private sales.

To become a LQT Launchpad member, you need to buy NFT on the Liquidifty marketplace and hold it until you want  to get special bonuses. There are Gas, Liquid, and Solid NFT-cards, which refer to three statuses for LQT Launchpad membership.

LQT Launchpad members can buy, sell, and trade these NFTs on the open market as they see fit. 


One of the answers to a question on how to get NFT is to earn on WhiteList.

WhiteList (WL) is a limited list of people who are guaranteed to get tokens from an NFT project. If you get on the white list, you can get NFTs and then sell them. But in promising NFT-projects there are much more people who want to get on the WhiteList than there are tokens themselves, this is one of the disadvantages of this kind of earnings.

The easiest way to get into WL is to play NFT games. By simply spending time there: gaining levels and unique items, you can then sell them for real money.

Of course, this option would require a lot of free time.

An alternative way is to participate in the social networking activity of NFT projects. Many raffles are held on Discord servers.


In addition to NFT mines and whitelists, you can make money in metaworlds – virtual worlds that are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

The simplest examples of making money are: buying and selling land, renting out an apartment, or releasing your own NFT collection. In the world of metaworlds NFTs play the role of a kind of currency from the real world, for which everything is bought and sold.

How to get an NFT and earn money

To get into NFTs, start with the following steps:

  • Register a wallet. One popular one is Metamask. It’s a decentralized wallet used by investors in NFT. After that, link it to OpenSea, the largest marketplace for NFT.
  • Analyze the marketplace. Study the emerging collections, get acquainted with their authors and promises, the level of hype, the possible prospects. A banal example: collections from famous brands are considered more promising than those from ordinary authors.
  • Get on the WhiteList. If you do not have money to buy NFT immediately, try to get on the white list. Actively participate in the community, fulfill the terms of contests, and meet new people. They can give out guaranteed invitations to WhiteList.
  • Get a WL and make a decision. If you get WL, decide if you want to sell it immediately or mint NFT. The first option will give you a guaranteed profit, the second is riskier, but you can theoretically earn more in the future if the NFT goes up in value.
  • Repeat. Go back to point 2 and continue on your way.

How do I get an NFT?

We hope that this is not a question for you anymore if you have read the article until this moment. NFT market is easy and complicated at the same time. We recommend checking all the ways of getting into NFT market carefully and do a short research before making any investments.

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