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The Complete Overview of Bitcoin and Ethereum

When there is a talk about cryptocurrency, two popular names come out, i.e. Ethereum and Bitcoin.  You can consider these two  to be among the most robust cryptocurrencies. Thus, it is mainly because Ethereum, as well as Bitcoin, hold a vast share in the cryptocurrency market. Moreover, they are different from each other as they have different uses. 

Therefore, before investing in any of the two blindly, having a thorough knowledge is essential. In this article, you will get a complete overview of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, if you are going to invest in cryptocurrency, then download

Understand the Blockchain Technology

Before proceeding to the main part, you need to understand blockchain technology. Thus, Ethereum, as well as Bitcoin, are based upon this blockchain technology. It means that you can accumulate every piece of information in various blocks. Also, every block has essential information regarding the transactions. Hence, you can consider it as a digital ledger. Now, you can read below to know about Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Bitcoin Overview

Significantly, Bitcoin is considered to be the first cryptocurrency that was used for transactions. The Blockchain for Bitcoin was developed in the year 2008 as a Peer-to-Peer transaction system. The P2P system means that there is no central system or intermediaries, unlike the traditional banks. 

The pseudonymous creator of the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin also ensured that no one could send any kind of fake Bitcoin. Along with that, Bitcoin transactions can happen independently as well as smoothly. Hence, every block present in the Blockchain of Bitcoin is created and verified every 10 minutes. 

Only up to 21 million Bitcoins can be generated for token supply. Also, the Bitcoin miners get a reward in BTC when they mine 1 single block. However, the rewards get divided after adding 21000 blocks in the Blockchain every four years. As a result, the rate reduces by 50% of the new Bitcoins in the system. Only a few Bitcoins are released that increases its value significantly. 

Ethereum Overview

Secondly, the Ethereum blockchain was launched in 2014. It introduced a new system of “Smart Contracts” which can manage everything on their own. It happens through actions that are triggered by several conditions like expiration date, etc. 

Hence, everything happens with the help of the decentralised apps of Ethereum. Also, every decentralised app has specific functions. Ethereum has its own currency called ETH for transactions to solve that issue. This helps in removing the requirement of manual inputs. 

Furthermore, it takes just 10-20 seconds to create and verify the information of the Ethereum blockchain. As a result you can easily deduce that Ethereum is much faster than Bitcoin. This is mainly because of the vast network of dApps that helps in multitasking. 

Also, Ethereum has no supply limit. It means that unlimited Ethereum can be generated with time. But, developers are constantly working to retain the value in the future. 

Key Differences of Bitcoin and Ethereum 

As said, both Ethereum and Bitcoin are mainly  cryptographical coins. But, they have several significant differences. The transactions on Ethereum may have executable code. However, in Bitcoin, the data regarding the transactions are for storing the nodes. 

Additionally, the block time is another significant difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is because the transaction in Ethereum can happen in a few seconds when compared with Bitcoin. Also, the network of Ethereum and Bitcoin has a significant difference. Firstly, Bitcoin was to be an alternative option for the national currencies. On the other hand, Ethereum was to be a robust platform for facilitating contacts through its currency. 

However, you can monetise smart contracts by using Ether. It basically supports the widespread network of Bitcoin and doesn’t really stand as a competitor. Moreover, its gaining popularity over the past several years has emerged as a competition to other cryptocurrencies. 


In conclusion, Ethereum and Bitcoin have various factors which differ in multiple ways. You can consider Bitcoin to be the potential alternative for digital currencies. While, you can program the blockchain of Ethereum and use it for various purposes. Henceforth, they both are going to change the way of financial transactions entirely in the future.  So whether you invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum you can increase your profits ten folds.

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