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What is the Future of Blockchain Games?

Blockchain games have been drawing a lot of attention from crypto enthusiasts for quite some time now. With the Crypto games list increasing by the day, more people are beginning to ask questions. One of such questions is about what to expect from the GameFi industry in the near future.

To fully answer this, we have to give predictions about what the future holds for blockchain games. Using current data and trends, here is what will be obtainable from NFT games in some years to come

Incorporation of AR and VR Technology

There is no doubt that the “metaverse” is one of the reasons why GameFi is getting more attention lately. The term defines virtual worlds that exist on blockchain technology. So far, players have been using phones and computers to participate in metaverse gaming. However, they cannot get the best experiences by simply using limiting devices. As such, one of the predictions for NFT games is the introduction of both AR and VR technology.

The use of an AR headset will make playing The Sandbox or Decentraland way much more fun. Even better, it will encourage more players to subscribe to playing these games.

Immersive Gameplay Experience

At the moment, the course of gameplay is often limited. The games available are often limited and do not really allow players to get hands-on. Even the present action games do not allow users to get in on the action. They only get to devise a strategy and watch how their strategy affects the playing outcomes. As the industry continues to grow, the demands of players will cause gaming firms to allow gamers to actually play games.

One way to implement this is through the PVP mode. Two players stake their tokens and the winner gets a majority of the rewards. This way, the game can offer players a better playing experience without sacrificing the stability of the in-game economy.

Complete Decentralization and Community Governance

Most people must have heard of the term “a business entity is different from the owner of the business”. Well, the owners of blockchain gaming firms will be able to separate themselves from their projects as different entities. At the moment, most NFT games are developing a more decentralized governing model. With some of them being way ahead of the others. Illiuvium already has a governing council and regularly holds elections. Recently, Decentraland introduced the Transparency OS.

In little or no time, individuals who hold GameFi tokens will be able to enjoy true governance benefits. They will be part of key decisions made in regard to managing the project. However, the gaming outfit will still make certain decisions like the in-game economy model.

Development of Entire Ecosystems

The inception of the metaverse is making NFT games think much deeper. This is evident in the direction that development is heading. They are not just concerned about creating platforms where players can engage in gameplay and earn rewards. More emphasis is being placed on creating ecosystems where the gaming project can take centre stage.

As such, there is a significant increase in the development of in-game marketplaces. GameFi outfits that have their own blockchain are allowing developers to create side gaming projects on their chain. Axie Infinity is supporting developers to create mini-games on the Ronin chain. 

Cross-Chain Interactions and Collaborations

At the moment, it is important to admit that most blockchain games are often isolated from one another. This is already changing, however, especially with the idea of metaverses. At the moment, there are already interactions between different projects. However, the focus has been mostly been between collectable NFTs and blockchain games.

However, the introduction of gaming ecosystems will change that. For example, REVV Racing had to stop the operation of F1 Delta Time. In the aftermath, it gave users the opportunity to swap their NFT cars with similar classed cars in other REVV racing projects. In the near future, more of this will be common.


Going by the examples stated above, these changes are already taking place. The future we are talking about is not far off.

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